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Once Brace Road
Approvals have been received for our latest project - rehabilitation of a Cherry Hill, New Jersey landmark, located at Route 70 and Brace Road.
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Rosewood Real Estate Enterprises

Innovation and Service

Established in 2003, Rosewood principals use their 25 years of experience to operate an exceptional company. They recognize the time value of money and the absolute necessity of satisfying tenants’ needs. To that end, Rosewood strives to provide an outstanding occupancy experience, translating to high tenant retention rates. Rosewood principals have earned a reputation as a preferred provider of property management services.

Rosewood principals have successfully acquired, owned, leased and managed millions of leasable area, primarily office and industrial projects in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our network of professionals stands ready to provide a high quality occupancy experience. The New Jersey and Pennsylvania developments current and past were Class A projects with exceptional tenant rosters. The projects’ value was recognized by the way in which Rosewood target projects were identified, acquired, retrofitted, leased and subsequently divested to maximize their value. This process was repeated many times. This same philosophy is being applied for the current long term interest of Rosewood principals and its investment partners.

Planning and Development

Real estate planning requires imagination, vision and understanding of function, openness to new ideas, and willingness to explore but recognizing the proper direction. Rosewood plans projects to first address tenant needs, then seek to provide lasting value, maximizing assets to the fullest extent without sacrificing function. Only the best professionals are engaged to recognize the need to design a certain vision sought by Rosewood’s driving force: the marketplace. A project that is not market responsive will not achieve its highest use potential nor value. Rosewood’s philosophy is to stick with what you know. Successful real estate companies focus on their strengths, i.e. Rosewood and investment grade office and industrial income producing properties.

Property Management

Rosewood’s property management philosophy puts the tenant needs first. We’ll provide the best services at a fair cost, while not sacrificing the tenant-deserved quality. Inadequate services acquired at a low cost are not services, at all. Rosewood tenants’ services will always be high quality but acquired at the best possible levels. Tenant customers historically have no difficulty paying for what is worthwhile. Rosewood’s ability to control annual expense increases usually pleases tenants in their renewal discussions.

Rosewood is constantly seeking tenant input in a building operation to ensure a top notch occupancy experience. Preventative maintenance programs minimize problems at our projects. Every acquisition by Rosewood will assess a property’s physical condition. Defects are recognized and addressed before they become problems too large to repair. This philosophy guarantees long term value to the owner as well as the preferred environment for tenant customers.